Abacus provides various application testing services to its clients for both web and mobile platforms. We have a well-qualified team of professional Quality Analysts who have extensive experience in software testing and quality assurance.

We apply innovative testing methodologies and tools to provide our clients with valuable Software Quality Assurance services to ensure the high quality of their software applications.

Our services include

  • Both manual and automated application testing
  • White box testing to ensure expected behavior of the application processes
  • Black box testing to ensure expected functional behavior of the application
  • Unit testing to ensure code level expected outcomes
  • Performance testing to ensure expected throughput and response times of the application’s various functionalities
  • Load testing to ensure performance at expected optimal levels in response to spikes in usage
  • Stress testing to overwhelm web application resources and test application recoverability
  • Regression testing by developing test automation scripts using tools such as Selenium
  • Continuous build test Integration to enable regression test scripts to run automatically when application is built
  • Security and vulnerability testing to ensure web application alignment with OWASP security standards