Team Attached to you completely:
In this model, the team members are allocated to your organization. Clients have direct communication channels with the resources, assign tasks, and Abacus’ team completes. Abacus administers their activity and communicates challenges to your team. Billing will be based on the monthly mode or for the duration the team works on the project.

Team Allocated to projects:
In this model, the work will be awarded to Abacus. We will understand and access the requirements and let you know the timelines, etc. The number of team members, time lines, and all additional aspects of the SDLC will be discussed with you and agreed upon before starting the project. The billing be based on the time our resources spend on the projects.

Fixed Bid Mode:
Abacus will gain the project requirements from you. Abacus will access the requirements and provide you development timelines on a fixed rate basis. Abacus will take complete responsibility for an agreed scope and enter into an agreement. We will take complete responsibility of executing the testing project and deliver the results to you.